At Diamond Electric, we have a team of electrical and mechanical engineers. We're also in conformance with the following standards: ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. This means that we are more than capable of designing automotive ignition products.

Our design capabilities include:

  • CATIA Modeling
  • IDEAS Modeling

Research Oriented

Research is one of the first steps we take when developing a new product. Our primary concerns are safety and quality. That way, they'll perform as expected when they go to market.

Our research-oriented strategies include:

  • FEA Simulations
  • SPICE Simulations
  • Prototyping Facilities

Quality Committed

All our products are thoroughly tested in our quality control lab before going to market. It has always been our policy to deliver products and services on time and free of defects. We foster an environment for continuous self-improvement through teamwork. The end result is exceeding our customers' expectations.

Here are just some of the tests we perform:

  • Thermal Cycle Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Salt Water Corrosion Testing
  • Heat & Humidity Testing
  • X-Ray Analysis
  • Decomposition Analysis
  • Dimensional Analysis
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