"3 in 1" 6.6 kW Onboard Charger

    • 2.1 kW low-voltaage DCDC converter (LDC) for auxiliaries
    • A power deliver unit (PDU) to switch into fast charging
    • Integration of Multiple Systems Seen Contributing to the Spread of EVs
    Product Specifications:
    Dimension 306 x 294 x 195 mm (excluding connectors)
    Weight 15 kg
    Cooling Liquid-cooling
    Chargin Power 6.6 kW
    Maximum Charging Efficiency 95%
    Applicable Batter Voltage for Charging 250 to 420 V
    LDC's Output Power 2.1 kW
    LDC's Efficiency 90%
    LDC's Output Voltage 9 to 16 V
    PDU Functionalities Relay for switching to fast charging
    Heater relay for air-conditioning
    Heater relay for main battery
    Connector for air-conditioner
    Connector for inverter
    Application Oboard Charger for EVs and PHEVs

    1.2 kW/L V2X OBC Onboard V2G

    • 7.4 kW Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
    • Onboard Charger with World’s Highest Power Density
    Product Specifications:
    Dimension (Enclosure size) 426 x 261 x H55 mm
    Charge Power 7.4 kW
    Discharge Power 7.0 kVA at three-wire single phase (240 V)
    3.6 kVA at two-wire single phase (120 V)
    Battery Voltage 150 to 450 V
    Isolation Withstand Voltage Enclosure to primary (AC side): 2.5 kV/min.
    Enclosure to secondary (battery side): 4 kV/min.
    Primary to secondary: 4 kV/min.
    Operation Modes V2G: Grid-interconnection (grid-following) current control mode
    V2H: three-wire single phase voltage control mode; provides power to home
    V2L: two-wire single phase voltage control mode; provides power to appliances
    Maximum Power Conversion Efficiency 96.3% including EMC components
    Power Factor Variable
    Cooling Liquid-cooling
    Product Standards UL 9741, SAE J1772 compliant
    Application Onboard charger for BEV/PHEV Stationary hybrid inverter system
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