Safety 安全への取り組み

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Protecting Our Greatest Assets 我が社の最高財産を守るために

The greatest asset to Diamond Electric, and the foundation of our current and future success lies in the people we employ. This is why one of our greatest concerns is the safety and health of all our personnel. We go to great lengths to ensure our workers are protected by high-quality personal protective equipment and safe working environments.

We regularly perform hazard assessments by walking through work areas to identify potential hazards, as well as ensure all personal protective equipment is present. Diamond Electric provides extensive training to personnel in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), covering how to use it, when to use it and what its limitations are. If employees have difficulties understanding the proper way to use PPE, we will retrain them until they are ready to use it safely, because safety is of the utmost importance. Quarterly audits are then performed to ensure employees’ ongoing understanding of proper PPE usage and reissue new PPE, if necessary.