Quality Control 品質管理

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By Working as a Team, We Make Quality Our Company’s Foundation 全社員一体となって創る品質基盤

Diamond Electric’s policy is to deliver products and services which are on time and defect free, exceeding customer requirements in an environment that is committed to constant improvement through dedicated teamwork. Diamond Electric absolutely insists on quality, and our employees execute tasks with awareness for quality while working to eliminate waste from the production site . Our U.S. manufactured automotive ignition products are thoroughly tested in our quality control lab before going to market.

Supplier Quality Manual

Diamond Electric_CertificatesComposite_814x236

Diamond Electric_CertificatesComposite_814x236

Diamond Electric
United States

Testing Equipment
and Lab Capabilities

One large Microvu Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
One benchtop Microvu CMM
Four Espec thermal cycling chambers with operating ranges between -40C and 140C
Four Espec high temperatures ovens with an operating temperature up to 200C
Five Espec, Thermotron and Test Equity environmental conditioning chambers with temperature ranges between -40C and 140C and humidity variations between 0% and 95% RH
Two GE x-ray analyzers
One Thermotron vibration chamber with temperature and humidity varying capability
One salt fog exposure chamber
Sample prep saws/polishing wheels
One small Chatillion brand tensile tester