Environmental Protection 環境を守ること


Committed to Protecting Our Environment 環境保護活動への取り組み

Diamond Electric promotes an environmentally friendly business by preserving resources and minimizing waste through reducing consumption, reuse of materials, and recycling. We commit to comply with pertinent environmental regulations and other environmental requirements. As part of our business planning and continuous improvement activities, we establish environmental goals and objectives. We encourage environmental awareness among our employees. We work to: 
     –  Comply with pertinent environmental regulations
     –  Set environmental goals and objectives
     –  Encourage environmental awareness
     –  Preserve resources


Green Procurement グリーン調達

Even in our material procurement, we strive to effectuate green procurement by prioritizing materials, parts, products, etc. whose burden on the environment is low. In addition, in all our processes, from the raw material stage to product delivery, we manage substances of environmental concern included in products. In the promotion of such activities, it is essential that our own efforts be matched with the cooperation of all our partners.